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Jumat, 22 Sep 2023
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Selasa, 15 November 2022 Oleh : Muhammad Musyaddad Mabrur, S.Pd


By : Muhammad Musyaddad Mabrur

A darkness changes into light
Water slowly goes following the moon
The white glitter of sand erodes endlessly
Then, those sand are coming back to the shore

This is the time
It makes the fishermen smile 
In the morning
It gives them hope to explore the world
Sometimes it also breaks the ship into woods

It is an adrenaline rush for surfers 
enjoy the ferocious waves of the day
Bless them the coolness
under the blazing heat dawn; all over the world
and the nightmare for someone who denies the destiny

I declare the nature.
The wind!

The wind is to move;
an array of reformation,
transformation, and representation.
Being windy, breezy, airy, blowy
Becoming twister, typhoon, tornado, hurricane

Coming towards you with
challenges, changes, and chances!
Bringing you into
bravery, blesssedness, and belief!

How far do you run?
How fast do you respond?
How faithful do you raise?
Be the fartest you run
Be the fastest you respond
Be the most faithful you raise

Avoiding is nothing
Becoming is something
Being is everything

No retreating!
Keep balancing;
within being and becoming you
within understanding and applying
within imagining and participating

Be the wind;
Bearing fear, joy, peace, and strength
Hold wholeheartedly your determination
Grow like bamboo reaching the sound of the harmony
and give love,
intimacy for you never run

Plug your roots deeper
Although it hits hard, harder
Hold on to it!
You will never be formed if you have never been hit
Be a part of it!

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